Easy IKEA ‘NESNA’ Bedside Table Hack

I was browsing the IKEA website a little while ago, and spotted these incredibly cheap bedside tables. They were the perfect size for our little bedroom, had a handy shelf for extra storage, and at only £9.00 each were so much better value than anything else I’d seen- the only downside was that, visually, they were a little on the boring side.

Inspired by a post I read over at Oh My Dear, I decided to give them a bit of ‘pizazz’ – DIY style! The whole project took me one Sunday morning (and half of that was drying time), and was both simple and inexpensive. I chose a pattern and paint colour to suit my style, but you can personalise yours however you like!

You will need:

  • IKEA ‘NESNA’ bedside table
  • Spray paint (I used this)
  • Patterned/coloured sticky back plastic (I went for marble effect)
  • Protective sheet
  • Scissors
  • Large book



1. Choose the right day to start your project. It needs to be mild (if it rains you’ll be in for a nightmare!) and not too windy (or your spray paint will blow away on its way out of the can!)

2. Remove the table from the packaging, and lay each wooden piece flat on a protective sheet. Following the instructions on the can, spray each piece evenly and allow to dry (approx. 20 minutes). Once dry, turn over and repeat.

PicMonkey Collage

3. Whilst the rest is drying, you’ll need to cover the glass top with sticky back plastic. Using the glass as a guide, cut out a square that is 1-2 inches wider on each side. Then, carefully peeling off the paper backing, apply the sticky back plastic to the glass. This was a little fiddly at first, and I was worried about creating air bubbles, but found that smoothing the plastic on using a large book worked very well!

4. Once the sticky back plastic is in place, carefully flip the whole thing over and fold over the edges and corners so that they fit snugly around the glass.


5. Once everything is dry, follow the dreaded IKEA instructions to assemble your new tables. Actually, I found these ones really simple to follow- and that’s coming from someone who usually cries 5 times before having a full blown breakdown every time they put together flat pack furniture!


And that’s it! I just styled them using bits and pieces I already had (and finally found a forever home for my alarm clock!). You could, of course, go the extra mile and seal/varnish the painted frame, but I’m lazy I feel like, as they’re for indoor use, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Let me know your favourite IKEA hacks in the comments, as I really enjoyed this and would love to take on some more projects! I’d also love to know if you have a go at this yourself – it’s so easy and the result isn’t ‘homemade’ at all, so it’s the perfect DIY if you’re a bit of a novice (like me).

Lots of love,

Alice xxx

May 10, 2016
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