The Theatre Cafe, Brunch & Cocktails in London

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Outfit of the Day

  • Black pinafore dress – New Look
  • Grey roll neck jersey top – New Look
  • Black brogue boots – New Look
  • Pastel pink waffle blazer – New Look
  • Powder blue handbag – New Look

To cut a long story short, I might as well have been sponsored by New Look. I didn’t even realise until now!

I also experimented with curling my hair using my straighteners, which actually went surprisingly well. It was a little bit of a faff though and I would have preferred a more defined curl, but it gave me a sudden burning desire to invest in a curling wand (more on that a bit later…)

Covent Garden

For Helen’s Christmas present, I booked her a place on a screen printing workshop at Print Club London, so as she was popping up anyway, I thought I’d tag along and make a bit of a day of it! We caught the train together (taking Mullerlight yogurts and Alpen bars for breakfast like the good Slimming Worlders we are!) and were in London bright and early at 9.30am. I waved Helen off on her way to Dalston, and decided to head to Covent Garden to look at stuff I can’t afford but desperately want and cry about my bank balance (first on the wishlist: this absolute beauty from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Just look at it!)

IMG_2977 Peony Peach Cloud Bag

Peony Peach Cloud Bag £145, Cambridge Satchel Company

I also popped into Sass & Belle, which is one of my favourite ever shops, and one of the BEST places to find pretty lunch bags, boxes and other accessories. And nothing makes me happier than that, obviously. We have a branch in Brighton too, but there’s something extra special about the adorable Covent Garden shop. It’s in a cave, for starters. A CAVE. For Slimming World members, or anyone who brings their lunch to work from home, I’d highly recommend paying them a visit. They also have beautiful home ware, stationary, and a whole host of other cute stuff – and their whole range is available online too! Check the link at the end of this post for more details.

IMG_2976 IMG_2979 (1)

The amazing ‘lunch’ section at Sass & Belle, Covent Garden

The Theatre Cafe, Soho

My next stop was The Theatre Cafe in Soho, which – as an avid musical theatre fan – is my idea of absolute heaven, and somewhere I’ve been desperate to visit ever since it opened early last year. At first glance it looks a bit like one of the discount ticket shops that line the streets of the area, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that not only does it sell tickets, but cake and coffee all served up with a generous helping of west end glamour (naturally!)


Situated in the heart of Theatreland, this unique cafe is decked out from floor to ceiling in genuine props from west end productions, retro theatre signs and signed posters from every show imaginable. The music is, of course, a theatrical affair, bearing an impressive resemblance to my ‘Disney and Musicals’ Spotify playlist, so I was in my element. With Run & Tell That from Hairspray blasting through the speakers, I ordered a Hazelnut Latte which was absolutely delicious, managing (but only just!) to resist the temptation of the gorgeous range of cakes and other sweet treats that were also on offer.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally have visited this gorgeous venue. Musical theatre is something that is so close to my heart, and I know how a passion for it can bring people together. The Theatre Cafe provides the perfect place for fans to spread their enjoyment from all over the world, and it was a joy to just sit and soak up positive energy from the happy people all around me.

Milk, Balham

Whilst in London, I was lucky enough to fit in a catch up with my lovely friend Laura. We love anything a bit middle class, so obviously brunch was on the cards. Having been assured that it was THE place for brunch in Balham and that the queue was totally worth it, off we headed to a little cafe called Milk.

IMG_2969 IMG_2981 (1)

 Laura & I, and our gorgeous mackerel toast dish!

We both chose the special of the day; a beautiful (both visually and taste-wise!) mackerel sourdough dish with a homemade tartar sauce which was to die for. The plate was drizzled in bright green olive oil, which doesn’t sound particularly appealing, but somehow worked. Side note: this was the point at which Slimming World went out of the window. Not sorry!

The prices were a little ‘London’, but completely worth it – the rustic interior and food presentation are totally instagram-worthy too, which is OBVIOUSLY essential. It was so lush to catch up with Laura over such delicious food, and I can’t wait to visit again!

Chinese & Cocktails, Soho

Helen’s workshop finished at half past 4, so we met up at our FAVOURITE London cocktail bar, Bar Soho. Their happy hour is 5-8 every day (even Saturday), and the cocktails are always on point. I think they’d had a menu change since our last visit as my usual choice of their pick n mix themed drinks weren’t on it, but I went for a passion fruit and orange mojito which was bloody beautiful. And any bar where the playlist includes Aaron Carter’s ‘I Want Candy’ will always be a winner in my eyes.


Post-cocktails, we nipped into a little noodle house (I think it was called Tuk Tuk) for some pad Thai and chicken curry. Definitely not Slimming World friendly, but I definitely didn’t care! Then, after one last drink from Freedom Bar (I chose an espressotini as I was definitely starting to flag by this point), we decided to head home.

It’s days like this that make me realise how much I bloody love London. I’ve always said that I could never live there, which is still true (plus I would never leave Brighton, obviously), but I am positive that we’ll be making a few more trips this summer! First on the list: seeing the Book of Mormon in the West End. And another visit to the Theatre Cafe, naturally!

London Mini Haul

I never intended to spend a tonne of money shopping in London, but – as always – there were a few bits and bobs I couldn’t resist picking up along the way…

  1. Pastel pink/grey rainbow notebook & pastel pink pen – Hema
  2. Mini World Map notebook – Sass & Belle
  3. Remington Silk Curling Wand – Boots (I told you I’d mention this later… I picked it up from Boots in Victoria Station sneakily just before we left!)
  4. Yellow Trellis lunch box – Sass & Belle
  5. Oils of Life Sleeping Cream (sample) – The Body Shop


May 4, 2016
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