Slimming World Update & Meal Plan

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Week 68 Statistics

Weigh in result: – 2.5lbs

New weight: 11st 8.5lbs

Total loss so far: – 3st 3.5lbs

I’m so pleased with this! As someone who usually gets solid 1/2 and 1 pound losses, 2.5 is absolutely massive for me. After lots of to-ing and fro-ing and for lots of different reasons, from this week forwards we have decided to stop going to group. I’m a very self-motivated person

when it comes to my weight loss, and have so much support both from the people around me and from the Slimming World Instagram community, that I’m not worried at all and am actually feeling so relaxed and more determined than ever. I’m aware that my bigger loss might be from the switch to my own set of scales, but I’m just going to pretend it’s because I was so on plan this week (minus the cheeky fish and chips on Friday night, but we don’t need to talk about that.)

My plan for the week is to go back to good old extra easy and enjoy a few more carbs. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to do SP (or at least SP meals), as I suffer from PCOS and have heard that it can really help. I definitely believe that it has boosted my weight loss which I am so happy with, but this gal needs carbs!

Weekly Meal Plan

I’m posting this on Sunday, so Saturday has already happened and I’m being very honest. The rest you’ll just have to trust me on, but you can always check up on me via Instagram @aspoonfulofsweetener 🙂


Breakfast: Syn free full English (hexb toast, scrambled egg, beans & bacon. Sorry speed police!)

Lunch: Treat meal out (we went to Fil Fil in Brighton for falafel platters which were AMAZING, and then followed it up with pistachio & KitKat ice cream. SO GOOD.)

Dinner: Was meant to be an on plan kebab & Slimming World chips, but ended up with a bbq chicken wrap and 2 Absolut & lemonades… oops! Cheat day it is, then!


Breakfast: Beans on toast

Lunch: Prawn Marie-Rose jacket potato & chopped salad (3 syns for sauce/dressing)

Dinner: Roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas & 2.5 syns of gravy


Breakfast: Arla protein granola pot (5.5 syns)

Lunch: Smoked ham with chopped salad

Dinner: Slow cooker fajita chicken & rice


Breakfast: All Bran Golden Crunch (hexb) with almond milk (part hexa)

Lunch: Tuna pasta salad (2 syns for mayo)

Dinner: Spinach & Chickpea Rice Pilaf with grilled aubergine (1.5 syns per serving for 7.5g feta cheese)


Breakfast: Wholewheat muesli with Mullerlight yogurt and sliced banana

Lunch: Ham omelette with salad

Dinner: Slow cooker lentil chilli & rice


Breakfast: Arla protein granola pot (5.5 syns)

Lunch: Tuna Pasta Salad (2 syns for mayo)

Dinner: Slow cooker fajita chicken & rice


Breakfast: Chocolate Weetabix Minis (hexb) with almond milk (part hexa)

Lunch: Moroccan couscous salad

Dinner: Spinach & Chickpea Rice Pilaf with roasted courgette (1.5 syns per serving for 7.5g feta cheese)

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