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As much as I like to think I’m totally sensible with money, I can’t help giving myself a little treat once a month after payday. And because we went on holiday last month, all of my money had been going on boring stuff like insurance and insect repellent (first world problems, I know) – so, now that’s all out of the way and I’m suffering from the post-Skiathos blues, spending half the week’s budget on a Lush haul is clearly completely acceptable. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise, or I’ll have no other choice than to break friends with you immediately.

Here’s what I bought and what I think so far!

‘Hair Custard’ Hair Dressing £12.95 for 100g

I know what you’re thinking (or at least I know what I thought when I first saw this product); ‘what on earth is a hair custard’? Lush describe it as a ‘hair dressing for fighting static and adding moisture and shine’. I’m always looking for new products to make my hair beautifully smooth, although I will admit that I mostly bought this for the incredible scent. It genuinely smells like an egg custard tart, and whilst this might not be everyone’s scent of choice, I bloody love it.


The instructions say to run a small amount through damp hair before blow drying, which is exactly what I did. However, as I was drying my hair as normal, I could feel it becoming sticky and tangled and dry; completely the opposite of what the product claims to do – I was beginning to think that this might be the first Lush product that had ever disagreed with me, and I was gutted! I took to the Lush website, however, and found review upon review describing exactly what I’d experienced. Reading through the comments, I noticed a few people suggesting that if you have fine hair (like me), you might be better off using it as a 20 minute hair mask once a week. Oh. My. God. Whoever you are, Lush website review poster, I LOVE YOU. Honestly, my hair has never been so soft – and the scent and smoothness lasts through washes all week too! This method means that you use more product per use, but as you only need it once a week rather than every time you shower, it all evens out. By all means try the suggested method (I think the trick is to use the TINIEST amount – it’s very easy to use too much, which is probably what I did), but it’s good to have the hair mask option as an excellent back up. This will definitely be part of my regular hair routine from now on!

‘Angels On Bare Skin’ Fresh Face Cleanser £7.25 for 100g

The last time I purchased this cleanser was years and years ago, back when it came in a flimsy cardboard packaging which (whilst I appreciate that it was recyclable which is great) was an absolute nightmare in practice – I couldn’t keep it next to the shower without it getting wet, which meant I had to store it in a drawer and completely forgot about it until it was well past its use by date. Not ideal! Things have changed though, and it now comes in a handy plastic tub which solves all of my problems. And don’t worry, once you’ve collected 5 of Lush’s plastic tubs you can take them back to the shop in return for a FREE face mask, so you can still recycle it!


The product itself is a mildly exfoliating face wash with rose and lavender oil to sooth the skin, as well as kaolin to absorb grease leaving it feeling fresh and nourished. I’ve been suffering from seriously oily skin recently, so thought this sounded perfect – and it’s made a huge difference for me after just a couple of weeks’ use! I love the scent, and the gentle exfoliation makes my skin feel so clean. You only need a small amount, adding a little bit of water to make a paste, so I think this will last forever making it fantastic value too!

‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ Fresh Face Mask £6.95 for 75g

Catastrophe Cosmetic is one of my tried-and-tested ‘holy grail’ Lush products, and I reach for it every time I have any kind of problem with my skin. As I mentioned, my skin has been super oily lately, so I thought a Fresh Face Mask would help to give it a bit of a boost. Plus, this one smells of Parma Violets which is my absolute favourite scent – I mentioned this to the man helping us in Lush Brighton, and he suggested lots of other products with this fragrance to try! I think there might be a slight theme with my next Lush haul.


The active ingredients in Catastrophe Cosmetic are calamine, chamomile and blueberries, which all have soothing properties and work wonders for my skin no matter how bad my breakout is. Fresh Face Masks only last about 2 weeks in the fridge, but I find that using this a couple of times a week when my skin is really bad is exactly what I need anyway. Lush face masks are amazing in general, and they have something for every skin type – have a look at the selection to find the one that’s perfect for you!

‘Rose Jam’ Bubbleroon £3.95

Like so many people, I love a Lush bath bomb. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t create any bubbles (and really, what’s a bath without bubbles?!) – so I decided to give a bubble bar a try! This particular range are called Bubbleroons because they’re shaped like little macaroons which I think is SO cute. The fragrance I chose was Rose Jam, which is a slightly sweet floral scent that’s not too overpowering. I never would have described myself as being massively into floral scents, but recently I’ve been a little bit obsessed with them (note to self: save up for Jo Malone perfume in Wild Bluebell. LOVE.)


The other brilliant thing about bubble bars is that, unlike a bath bomb, you get more than one use out of them. For a standard sized bath, I crumbled in about a 3rd of this bad boy, and had plenty of creamy bubbles! It also turned the water bright pink, which is obviously a bonus. After my bath, my skin felt beautifully soft and smooth, and I found that the smell lingered all day long!

I also picked up these headphones in neon peach from Tiger for just £8 – incredible value and so much more comfortable than the little in-ear ones I was using before. Unfortunately Tiger don’t have an online shop, but I found these in the Brighton North Street branch. They had a range of colours, so even if peach isn’t your thing, I’d still recommend having a look!

 Have you tried any of these products? If anyone else has used Hair Custard, I’d love to hear what you thought and if you’d consider trying the hair mask method too! 


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July 13, 2016
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