Brighton Pride 2016

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We covered ourselves in glitter. We donned high vis and marched in the parade. We drank cider. We had a lovely chat with Zoella and I accidentally grazed her boob (smooth). We fell into the bear tent and owned that shit. We went on the swings. We sang Scandalous with Aleesha Dixon. We danced to Carly Rae Jepsen who was doing her best Kris Jenner impression. We did shots of ouzo. We had a minutes’ silence for the victims of Orlando. We lost purses. We slept in a tent. We ate Thai food and got emotional about wedding jewellery. We smuggled alcohol in via Rachel’s boobs. We danced on the street for 5 hours. We played Never Ever Have I Ever on the grass drinking cider like 14 year olds. We had the best night in Revenge. We caused havoc in Market Diner. We stayed up til 7 and people passed us on their morning jogs. We had a hungover snooze in a giant deckchair overlooking the whole city. We had the most incredible weekend and we DIDN’T WANT IT TO END.
This was my 5th Brighton pride, and it was just as wonderful as ever. Living in Brighton, I often take for granted how diverse and accepting our city can be, so Pride is always a reminder of how many people don’t have that luxury. It’s easy to forget that whilst it is undoubtedly an amazing party, the first Pride parade was a riot and we have come so far since then.
I’ve been saddened by the number of people I’ve seen complaining that they are ‘over’ Pride, and boasting about not getting involved as if they consider themselves to be above it. Perhaps we all need to step back and remember what pride is all about. It’s not just another meaningless festival. It’s about celebrating our freedom to be who we are in our beautiful city, and that is incredibly important. How can you be ‘over’ that?
Thank you so much to everyone who made Pride happen this year, and to everyone who I was able to share it with. You are all beautiful, and I love you! ? (oh god, I think I’m still a bit emotionally fragile. I’m also still finding glitter in the shower over a week later, in case you were wondering!)


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    Beautiful Alice !!!

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