A New Weight Loss Chapter

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For someone who claims to be a ‘weight loss blogger’, I certainly haven’t been blogging about weight loss very much recently. Or, indeed, losing any weight.

It was all going so well until I went on holiday to Skiathos in June – after following Slimming World pretty much religiously for over a year, I suddenly allowed myself that mindset of ‘it doesn’t matter, you’re on holiday!’. I thought it would be easy to transition back to being strict with myself when I got home, but it just morphed into ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s summer!’ ‘It’s just one BBQ – let yourself go a bit!’. Well, now it’s 3 months later and
I haven’t managed to get my head back in the game. I’m kicking myself because I know full well how hard I worked to get where I am today (I lost almost 3.5 stone in just over a year) and I definitely don’t want to ruin that.


Normally, I’d tell myself that I could start again on Monday, but I’ve woken up with such determination and am going to be counting every last syn this weekend. For anyone who doesn’t know, Slimming World works by allowing you to eat as much of certain ‘free foods’ as you like (including almost all fruit and veg, lean meat, rice, pasta, potatoes etc) along with carefully measured amounts of calcium (cheese/milk) and fibre (bread/cereals). Nothing is off limits, because you count anything else (all the naughty bits, basically) within your ‘Syns’ allowance. It’s a brilliant plan for anyone who likes to eat a lot without worrying about portion size, especially if you enjoy cooking as you can easily make most meals completely syn free. The recipes are delicious, too!


So my blog began as a weight loss diary, then lost that element completely. I think from here I’m going to be updating you weekly with my weight loss progress, maybe a little before and after picture or two as well (in fact, I think I’ll dot a few around this post for some extra motivation). I’m determined to get to target by the end of the year – I don’t honestly remember the last time I was at a ‘healthy weight’, and it would be the best Christmas present ever if I could achieve that.


My next step will be to weigh myself (oh Jesus) and then stick to plan all week long. If I do well, I could lose upwards of 6lbs in one week. My weight losses tend to be on the smaller side even when I do really well, so that might not be as realistic for me – though it does mean that I don’t put weight on quite as drastically, which may work in my favour when I hop on the scales in a couple of minutes…

This was a bit rambly and unplanned as I’ve essentially just spilled my general thoughts out onto my phone, but if any of you have gone through anything similar and can offer any words of wisdom, please do let me know. Let’s do this little bitch! 


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