Bottomless Brunch @ Patterns Brighton Review

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 When I’m being a terrible excuse for a weight loss blogger (which is probably 90% of the time), I like to eat and drink out. A lot. My friends and I are particularly partial to a boozy lunchtime session at the weekend (our group chat is entitled ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ if you needed any more proof), so it’s pretty shocking that a couple of weeks ago was the first time we attended a ‘bottomless brunch’.


If you’re not familiar, the set up of a bottomless brunch is simple: you turn up at some point between breakfast and lunchtime, order a meal, and get unlimited alcohol (usually bloody marys or mimosas) until a set time. Or until the poor bartenders just refuse to serve you anymore, which I think very nearly happened in our case.

We chose Patterns (previously Audio) in Brighton as our venue, and – as it was in honour of our dear friend Flips’ day-of-birth – there were a lot of us. Possibly more than Patterns were expecting, particularly when they realised the rate at which we can drink prosecco. Strangely, there was also a craft workshop happening that day, so they seated us strategically out of the way to lessen the chance of anyone throwing up on the cross stitch table. I had never been to Patterns before (it’s also a nightclub, so this may come as quite a shock to anyone who knows me well), and I loved the decor. Twinkly fairy lights, woodland flourishes and whimsical digital projections made for an adorably immersive outside-in experience, like something out of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. This was obviously what they were going for, as the front entrance was lined with fur coats so it felt like you were walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. So cute (but then I’m always a sucker for a theme!)


The brunch at Patterns is a menu of gourmet hotdogs courtesy of The Dog Haus. Though their online menu boasted a range of options (I was particularly excited by ‘The Sticky Duck’), there were only two choices when we visited. The £17 bottomless brunch included their ‘Happy Days’ dog, a classic American hotdog with mustard and crispy onions, but I decided to pay an extra £2.50 for the ‘Hot Mess’, topped with beef chilli, cheddar cheese, jalapeños and sour cream. The food arrived quickly, and was messy but delicious! Despite a slight issue surrounding a veggie sausage (which was dealt with and apologised for by the manager), we all enjoyed our meal – though I do wish there were one or two more items on the menu, or at least that the website made it clearer that the choice would be limited. To be completely honest, though, we were mainly there for the drinks – and there were no complaints there!

I’m not a fan of bloody marys, so I opted for prosecco which was lovely (not that I’m particularly fussy). There was also an additional cocktail and boozy hot chocolate menu, which I succumbed to as soon as I was drunk enough to think I could afford it. I ordered a Turkish Delight Martini (my DREAM drink because I love anything rose-flavoured), which nobody else liked, but I was very happy! Overall, we had a lovely day; there was a glitter face painting table, 4 hours of unlimited drinks, a great outdoor area, tasty food, and most importantly Flips had an amazing birthday. And I managed to get so drunk that I got a kebab at 4pm and don’t remember the next 6 hours, which is always the best way to spend a Sunday.

I’ve never done a restaurant or bar review on here before, but I’d love to write more, so please let me know what you think 🙂

Have you been to a bottomless brunch yet? Leave a comment if you can recommend any others for me!


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