My Favourite Slimming World Recipes – January 2017

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I love cooking, and although I blog about my own recipes every now and again, I thought I’d start posting a monthly collection of the best things I’ve cooked – original recipe or not!

All of these recipes are Slimming World friendly, but I like really good food, so I promise you that none of it tastes like ‘diet’ cooking. I might add a few more veggies than normal or serve it on a bed of spinach, but you can adapt it to suit your tastes accordingly.


Sweet Chilli salmon on a bed of stir fried veggies. This is such a simple and delicious dish, and it’s so easy to make! Just top salmon fillets with a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce (0.5 syns) and pop under a medium grill for about 9 minutes. Meanwhile, stir fry a pack of your favourite veggies in a bit of soy sauce and a teaspoon or so of five spice, and serve! Super tasty, and SP friendly too (that’s Slimming World speak for low carb!)


Sausage Casserole. This is a slow cooker friendly recipe from the lovely ladies over at Pinch of Nom. So easy to make, plenty of leftovers for lunch, and it was deliciously comforting to come home to on a cold day! I’d probably choose a ‘meatier’ sausage next time (like Porky Lights which I love!), but the flavours were bang on.

An old favourite, the All Day Brunch – but packed with protein rich foods and green veg! I toasted two small slices of wholemeal bread (healthy extra B), and topped it with baked beans, two fried eggs (cooked in Fry Light of course), two low-syn sausages (I went for Porky Lights at 0.5 syns each, but you pick your favourite!) and wilted spinach. Totally gorgeous, and SP too!


Pasta in a tomato sauce with grilled salmon and roasted broccoli. I kind of made this one up as I was going, but it ended up being lovely! I made a simple tomato sauce by frying off diced onion and garlic and simmering with a tin of chopped tomatoes for about 15 minutes, and served it on top of pasta with flakes of grilled salmon and roasted broccoli (just spray some florets with Fry Light, season, and roast for around 5 minutes). And did I mention it’s syn free?

Syn free chicken korma with rice and a red onion & lime salad. This was a lovely little surprise that I found in the January magazine! The korma sauce is made with curry powder, chopped tomatoes and a bit of fat free fromage frais stirred in at the end, but it’s the red onion salad that really makes this dish. Just marinade thinly sliced red onion in freshly squeezed lime juice for a few minutes, season, and serve with any indian or mexican dish. The lime takes away some of the ‘bite’, adding a lovely hit of freshness to the plate.


Chicken in oyster sauce with beansprouts and’boodles’. My focus on low carb or ‘SP’ days has meant that I’ve had to find replacements for some elements of my meals, and Sainsburys have just released a new range of butternut squash products that work perfectly! I picked up the ‘boodles’ (low-carb noodles), but there are also crinkle cut ‘squips’ (chips) and ‘squaffles’ (waffles). I just stir fried them with some beansprouts and a dash of soy sauce, and served them alongside Chicken in Oyster Sauce from the Free Food Feasts book (also available on the Slimming World website!)

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What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this month?


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