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A couple of months ago, I was invited to be part of a feminist Zine called Girls Up Front. An exciting new project by community arts movement Ayont Arts (who are based in my hometown of Morpeth, Northumberland), this unique publication aims to promote positive female role models for young women whilst providing a platform for female writers (like me!). They focus on breaking down the barriers placed on women in the workplace, specifically in male dominated roles, through a variety of mediums. They’re even working on a podcast and mini documentary series!

The theme of the first edition is simply ‘Role Models’, so I’ve decided to examine the effects of life in the digital age on the people we look up to. Does having access to a celebrity’s every move via Twitter & Instagram make us see them differently? Are their lives more or less desirable? Are we more likely, perhaps, to look up to a friend who posts funny and relatable tweets than an actor or singer with a completely different life to our own?


If you’d like to read my work (along with loads more excellent pieces from poetry & prose to art and design work), Girls Up Front is available from Etsy for just £3.50 + 60p for delivery. Every penny goes straight back into the project, so it’s a fantastic way to support an incredibly positive resource.

You can also get involved on social media! Head on over to the following pages and click like/follow to show your support:

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Want to get involved?

If you’re a writer or artist yourself, Girls Up Front is also looking for contributors to their second issue. Feel free to e-mail or ask me for more information if you’d like them to feature your work!



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March 31, 2017
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