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If you follow my blog or social accounts, you may already know that I’ve been tasked with styling a ‘teenage bedroom’ as part of a project called The House That Bloggers Built. It’s all getting quite exciting, to be honest; I’ve chosen most of my items, some of them have already been delivered, and I’m starting my filming & styling tonight – eeeeek!

I’ve gone for a slightly older teen bedroom – a sort of ‘contemporary romantic’ vibe with blush, pastel & charcoal shades, geometric patterns and a touch of boho style. Eclectic, I know; but my bedroom was all over the shop when I was growing up and still finding my ‘personal style’ (cringe as that sounds), so I wanted my space to reflect that.

Pastel Bedroom Moodboard

pastel bedroom

My furniture & accessories are coming from, again, a mixture of sources, ranging from well-known brands to local independent shops, as I really wanted to support Brighton-based companies & boutiques. My usual method is to build a space over time (as you’ll know if you’ve ever visited my very half-finished flat), so it’s been quite a challenge to pick a colour palette, furniture & decor all together – and having only been in the room once! At the same time, it’s developed my styling confidence, and it’s been an incredible boost to work with such a talented bunch of people.

Stay tuned for news about the project, styling updates & pictures of the finished space!

What was your bedroom like growing up? Is there anything that really ‘defines’ a teenage bedroom for you?


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