Embracing Autumn

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Dark nights, short days, wind and rain, no more day drinking on the beach; there are lots of things that aren’t quite to my taste when summer comes to a close. However, if you read my September Goals post, you’ll know that I’ve decided to force feed myself a pumpkin spice latte, be positive about the change, and start embracing autumn!

So far, I’ve been loving…

Cosy autumnal scents

I’m normally a fresh and fruity fragrance gal, but my lovely friend Emily went to New York recently, and brought me back the infamous Bath & Body Works ‘Leaves’ candle as a gift! It smells divine; fresh, crisp apple (which I love anyway) with a beautiful blend of warming spices. I haven’t even lit it yet, but it’s filling my whole flat with its gorgeous scent already!

Warming drinks

Spiced tea, dreamy hot chocolate and flavoured coffee, to be precise! My loose leaf tea collection is massive and I enjoy it all year round, but the new season has seen me reaching for a few flavours in particlar. Rington’s ‘Samovar Orange Spice’ is DELICIOUS, and of course Bluebird Tea had to feature with their Toasted Apple and Red Velvet blends. Options hot chocolate sachets are amazing (try mixing half into your porridge and thank me later!), and I also picked up a bottle of ‘S’mores’ flavoured syrup from Homesense which I’ve been adding to everything from coffee to baked oats, yogurt & chopped fruit.

Gold, copper & berry tones

I got my hands on two incredible new lipsticks last week from the Smashbox ‘Be Legendary’ collection: High & Femme Fatale Matte (which I’m wearing in the top picture). They’re both beautiful warm shades that are moisturising and last all day, making them perfect for autumn wear. Berry and gold are classic complementary tones, so I’ve been pairing my new lipsticks with a warm metallic shimmer on my eyes. I’ve also been reaching for this combo for my nails, specifically Maybelline Colour Show in ‘Burgundy Kiss’ with Model’s Own ‘Chrome Rose’ for the accent nail.

My favourite ‘big’ coat

I literally lived in my gorgeous taupe shearling coat last year. It’s the perfect shade to complement my pastel-heavy wardrobe, super warm and snuggly, and has lasted pretty well for something that cost less than £40 from New Look. I’ve missed it during the summer, so it’s made me actually appreciate the fact that it’s ‘coat weather’ again! I’ve got a little pin badge collection going on too, featuring designs from Skinny Dip, Bad Habits Club & Fairy Cakes.

Snuggly nights in

For once in my life, I don’t actually remember the last time I went on a proper night out. I’ve had a bit less money this month as my last paycheck from my previous job was lower, so I haven’t really had the money to spend on drinks or club entry. I thought I’d be desperate to go out as soon as payday came along, but actually I’ve sort of gone off the idea. I’ve so been enjoying staying in, having cosy drinks with friends, cooking delicious meals and watching films on the sofa that the idea of clubbing isn’t really appealing at the moment. Though saying that, I’ve got two birthday celebrations this weekend, so I might have a very different view after a few gin and tonics!

Tasty slow cooked meals

I live for my slow cooker during the autumn and winter months. Time in the evenings is so precious, so it’s brilliant to be able to pre-prepare slow cooker meals that can slowly blip away all day, then all I have to do is serve it when I get in! Some of my favourite slow cooker recipes are Campfire Stew (made with a gammon joint, beans/chickpeas and a tomato sauce seasoned with paprika), curried butternut squash and red lentil soup, and pulled fajita chicken. They’re all delicious, warming, and incredibly simple to make!

Getting excited for Christmas

This one is VERY unlike me! Whilst I normally spend the whole of September and October mourning the loss of summer, this year I’m only looking forward, and I couldn’t be more excited about Christmas. Maybe it’s something to do with being surrounded by Christmas products at my new job, or maybe it’s my new-found autumnal positivity, but I’m already planning presents, festive home decor and ways to celebrate with my friends and family! My girlfriend and I are heading to the French Alps to spend Christmas with some of my family, which will be so lovely – not to mention we’re pretty much guaranteed snow!

What have you been thankful for this autumn? Let me know in the comments!

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October 1, 2017
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