Pastel Kitchen Wish List

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Okay. We just need to take a minute to discuss how insanely beautiful and amazing Fearne Cotton’s new kitchen range is. LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS. The lilac is literally my pastel princess parma violet obsessed dream come true and I CAN’T HANDLE IT.

So, as you may have gathered, I’m just a tiny bit in love. Our kitchen is already pretty pastel-heavy (obvs), but – especially now these bad boys have been released – I am always up for adding new beauties to my Pastel Kitchen Wish List.



Textured Cup in Light Pink, £4.99 from H&M Home

Geometric Porcelain Dessert Plate in Sea Green, £28.74 for a set of 6 from Maisons Du Monde

Stoneware Grand Teapot in Coastal Blue, £39.00 from Le Creuset

LSA Glass Tumblers in Pearl, £37.95 for a set of 4 from Steamer Trading Cookshop

Mint Oven Dish, £7.50 from Hema

Built Insulated Bottle Flask in Rose Gold, £13.99 from Steamer Trading Cookshop

Fearne Cotton 3 Litre Food Processor in Lily, £179.99 from Swan

Fearne Cotton 6 Litre Stand Mixer in Pale Honey, £299.99 from Swan

Where’s your go-to place for pretty pastel homeware? Feed my addiction by letting me know!

Alice xxx



October 27, 2017
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