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It’s not often that I take to the blog to rave about a beauty product. In fact, it’s not even that often that I try new products at all these days; I prefer to spend my dolla on homeware and clothes, because my makeup collection is pretty much complete. At least that’s what I thought before this little beauty fell into my life.

Say hello to ‘Fantasy’, the 3-in-1 shimmer powder by Manna Kadar Beauty that I’m completely obsessed with. I actually received this product in my Birchbox a few months ago, but as eyeshadow isn’t something that usually tickles my pickle (I know, what kind of poor excuse for a blogger am I?!), I didn’t really pay it much attention. What I hadn’t realised is that it’s far from just an eyeshadow; this little beauty is also perfect for adding colour and highlight to cheeks as well!

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There are 3 reasons why I love this product:

Its versatility. Equally perfect on the eyes or cheeks, it adds a touch of shimmer and a subtle hint of colour in just a few swishes. It’s a huge timesaver, which is perfect for cold winter mornings when you’d give anything for a couple of extra minutes in bed!

Its colour. The shade is a beautiful warm pink, and it’s so flattering! It’s lovely on my skin tone, but I can imagine it working with darker or lighter complexions just as well.

Its harmony. When I put this shade on both my cheeks and eyes, I feel like it just pulls my look together and makes me look like I’ve put in faaaar more effort that I actually have. Little do they know!

I love my Birchbox when this happens. I do sometimes wonder whether it’s an expense I really need, but it’s such a brilliant way to discover new products that I would never have known about otherwise. At least for now, my subscription is staying exactly where it’s been for over 2 years now!

What beauty products have you discovered recently? Do you subscribe to a beauty box, or do you prefer to find new products a different way?

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December 8, 2017
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