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One of my favourite things about interior design, especially when you’re decorating your own home (or rented flat in my case, lol), is adding those final little flourishes that make it feel ‘yours’. Of course, shopping for the perfect furniture and picking colour schemes is fun, but it’s the finer details and personal touches that I love the most. You know, the things you look at every day and they just make your heart sing; your ‘happy home accents’, if you will!

My little flat might not be quite up to a full tour just yet, but I wanted to share a few choice pieces I’ve collected that make me happy every time I look at them.

Veronica Dearly print

We all know how I feel about an ‘inspirational quote’ (spoiler alert: I’m not a fan), so Veronica Dearly’s all-too-relatable alternatives are much more my style! Hopefully this will be a gallery wall at some point (I have the frames at the ready!), and I’m excited to collect more little additions that I love just as much.

Pastel wine glasses

I bought these glasses in Homesense for £20 about 2 years ago, and they are my absolute pride and joy. In fact, my friends laugh at me because they are ‘just for show’ on my bar cart, and I genuinely get heart palpitations at the thought of one of them breaking. Does this mean I’m old now? Or just neurotic? You decide!

Mismatched crockery

I’ve always loved vintage tea rooms with their mismatched cups, plates and saucers, and I’m slowly starting to build up my own collection. These beauties are all from H&M home and were very affordable, and Tiger always have a great selection too! I have my eye on a few bits from Anthropologie too, but I’m not quite ready to drop £25 on a mug just yet.

Giant Paris art

This picture is bloody massive (think 1.5 metres high!) and I love it so much. It’s a beautiful shot of a Parisian street with colourful hot air balloons dotting the sky, from IKEA of all places! I can’t quite believe such a pretty, large and sturdy piece of wall art was only £29 (if you couldn’t tell by now, I LIVE for a bargain!)

Aztec print rug

This beauty is by Ian Snow, a designer of some of the most gorgeous printed fabrics I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the main focal points of my living room, adding some welcome texture and warmth to the faux wood floor. When I saw it hanging in a little shop in Brighton a few years ago, I completely fell in love and came back later that day to treat myself!

Disney travel postcards

I am a HUGE Disney fan, so naturally some Disney wall art had to make this list. On my side of the bedroom, I’ve hung these Disney-themed travel postcards on each side of the window. Each one features a stylised illustration of a different Disney landmark, including Pride Rock from the Lion King, the Ice Palace from Frozen and Neverland from Peter Pan!

What part of decorating your home do you like the best? Do you have any happy accents that make you smile every time you see them?

Alice x

January 26, 2018
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