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I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this on here before, but if you follow me on Instagram then you might know that I work part time at a glitter bar! A mobile glitter makeup bar that travels to events around Sussex, that is – not a pub that sells sparkles by the pint (believe it or not, this has caused confusion before!)

At Headblush, we don’t just use any old glitter. We use 100% eco-friendly Glitta Jam, with beautiful colours and combinations created by my lovely friend Sofaya (the beauty, brains and generally everything wonderful behind the company!). The glitter is mixed with an aloe vera-based gel, and can be applied using a paintbrush to create beautiful patterns and effects. Even better, it dries within just a few minutes, and then lasts alllllll day and night until you wash it off with soap and water. Magical.

Although the bar itself couldn’t travel to Bestival this year, I took a little stash of Glitta Jam with me, and set myself the challenge of demonstrating a few simple-yet-effective festival glitter looks that anyone could do this summer. All you need is your choice of Glitta shades, a couple of clean paintbrushes and touch of creativity – express yourself, have fun, and live your most fabulous glitter-filled life!

Glitta Brows

Super easy, beautifully subtle and the perfect accompaniment to any festival outfit! Simply apply the Glitta Jam in little strokes using a small brush, following the natural direction of the hair growth. I’d just recommend choosing fine glitter (as opposed to chunky!) because it’s so close to the eye – and glitter in the eye ain’t cute, trust me!

Glitta Beard

This one ALWAYS goes down a storm and attracts a LOT of attention – honestly, once one person takes the plunge, they’ll allllll be after one! Take your widest flat brush and ‘dab’ the Glitta Jam across the beard/moustache area to ensure even distribution, and then blend out, following the hair’s natural growth direction. Try layering a base of fine Glitta Jam with a chunky variety in a contrasting shade for something reaaaaallllyyyy special!


A popular choice at the Glitta Bar, ‘Moonlite’ is created using a wide, flat brush to place and drag the Jam from the inside out, producing a moon-like shape. Use one, two, or even three shades of Glitta Jam, and then leave as is, or complete the look with some chunky glitter on the outer edges for a little extra sparkle.


This one is a little more detailed and requires a pretty steady hand, but once you’ve mastered the other designs, it’s a good way to step up your Glitta game! Use a small, flat brush to paint a continuous line from the outer bottom corner of one eye, across the bridge of the nose and above the opposite eye, finishing again at the outer corner. Then, alternate two or more colours in sweeping strokes from the bare top/bottom of each eye to create a ‘burst’ effect.

Headblush Glitta Jams are easy to apply, fun to use, eco-friendly, long-lasting, festival-proof (and believe me, we really put them through their paces!), and won’t spill – so there’s no danger of covering your tent in more glitter than your face! Fancy getting your hands on some? Pots of Glitta Jam are available from the Headblush website, and you can find out where the Glitta Bar is headed next by following Headblush on Instagram and Facebook!

Would you wear any of these festival glitter looks? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Alice xxx

August 14, 2018
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