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How do you like to unwind?

As much as I’d love to (or more I might be expected to) say something like ’clearing my head with a walk along the beach’ or ‘cosying up in bed watching Disney films’, I can’t lie – that’s not always the case.

I watched one of Zoella’s vlogs recently, and I was inspired to write about something that’s been playing on my mind a bit. She spoke about not being able to be her ‘true’ self in her videos, because there are certain expectations placed on her that her true self doesn’t always live up to. She doesn’t express her personal opinions, and she doesn’t share certain aspects of her life that might be deemed ‘unacceptable’ by her viewers/the media/anyone else who might have a reason to care.

As a ‘blogger’, there is definitely a stereotype: perfect hair and makeup, innocent and pure, obsessed with Autumn and pumpkin spice lattes, drinks fancy cocktails or doesn’t drink at all, is in bed by 11, eats delicious/healthy meals every day, has a million blogger friends and lives a perfect, beautiful and totally Instagram-worthy life.


Now, let’s have a little look at me in comparison: 

Whilst my Instagram feed is a perfectly coordinated curation of pastel shades and pretty things, my Friday night stories sometimes tell a very different tale (think tequila shots, drunk food and hangover selfies from the bathroom floor).

Anyone in my ‘real’ life knows that I’m way more likely to be in a trashy gay bar ’til the lights come on than sipping hot chocolate by the fire with my favourite book – and if I do make the Sunday morning brunch, you KNOW I’ll be either heavily hungover or still absolutely hammered. Mine’s an espresso martini, obviously.

Most of the bloggers I follow (and myself sometimes!) use hashtags like #slowliving and #aminimallife; #seekthesimplicity and #nestandflourish. Lovely as they are, a lot of the time my life would be better suited to something like #bitofamess or #threwuponmyshoes. I’m not saying I’m a total liability or anything, and sometimes the idea of a night out is the worst possible thing I could imagine. Other times, my idea of self care is going out ’til 6am – so is there a place for me within the community?

I know there is, because I know I’m not the only one – I just have to remind myself (and you, if it applies) that you shouldn’t feel any ‘less’ because your choice of extra-curricular activities isn’t very Instagram-friendly. It’s okay if you’re not the image of a ‘perfect blogger’, because – let’s be honest – there’s really no such thing.

I like following anyone who is their authentic self, and whether you spend your Saturday mornings washing the dried prosecco out of your hair or waking up hangover-free to a super healthy smoothie bowl, it doesn’t matter to me. As long as you’re living your best life and you’re happy doing it, that’s all I care about!


Alice xxx

P.S. if you’re ever in Brighton and fancy a good night out, you know where to find me!

October 16, 2018
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